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Le Blanc Linen, Down,Baby, Children's, Silk & Lingerie, Towel Wash

Le Blanc® Linen Wash® is the original and renowed manufacturer of speciality laundry products. They offer the original cold water detergent for all natural and organic fibers and fabrics.

The detergents found at your local grocery or retail store contain harsh chemicals and sometimes bleach that will cause the fibers in your fabric to break down, turn yellow or create holes.

Le Blanc
® Linen Wash is manufactured to safely launder your precious and fine linens without the need for any harsh chemicals and bleach. Le Blanc® products are made of a neutral PH and are triple concentrated so a little goes a long way. Le Blanc® are tested and recommended throughout the line industry.

Le Blanc® contain no bleach, caustics, sulfates, phosphates, enzymes and parabens. It has a neutral PH, is 100% biodegradable, enviromentally friendly and gluten free. Le Blanc® products are never tested on amimals.

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