Honing, Sharpening services staright razors

If after evaluation of your received straight razor(s) we conclude that the straight razor is not serviceable, no fee will be charged except the shipping charges for returning the straight razor back to you. We will notify you if this is the case.

While your razor is in transit to us we are not responsible for any shipping damage. We therefor strongly recommended that you package your razors very carefully and insure your package.

Razors we *DO NOT accept or hone are all cheap razors made from Pakistani, India or Chinese steel, Zeepk, Kriegar, Gold Dollar, Double Arrow, Equinox, Master, Magnum, Sweeney Todd, Timber Wolf, Rattler, Craig Barr, GB Buckingham & Sons,... If unsure send us a picture first or tell us what you have as the market it daily getting flooded with new, cheap and poor quality steel that does not take an edge but does well as a letter opener. It's hard to keep up with current market offernings.

If you are unsure how to evaluate the condition of your razor please contact us and try sending us some pictures.

If we haven't been notified beforehand about a non-standard condition of a razor we will not accept it. If we do receive a razor that's on the DO NOT accept list or it's not honeable we'll ship it back, you'll get a refund minus the return shipping charges.

Inform us if a razor has excessive hone wear, chips or cracks bigger than 1 mm, rust or pitting on the razor's edge.